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Bedman have one of the internet’s largest ranges of bed frames. Spanning decades of design styles and in a range of materials including metal, leather and wood, there’s something for even the most stubborn bedroom. A wooden bed frame helps to bring a sense of natural calm to a bedroom. The soft palate of natural woods like oak and pine creates a soothing aura – perfect for the bedroom. Of course it’s popular to paint wooden beds, and we sell a variety of painted frames in various colours including cream, white and black. Slatted designs are popular on many wooden bed headboards and these patterns can create a specialist look – horizontal slats make the bed look wider, and vertical slats create the illusion of height. Leather beds are traditionally more associated with sleek and sumptuous design styles, their voluptuous curves and lines building beautiful shapes. Leather comes in two choices; faux or genuine. Real leather is highly strong and durable, but is also extremely soft. Real leather can last lifetimes and will certainly remain supple for its lifespan. Faux leather has its advantages too, however, as it can be manufactured in almost any colour and is cheaper than genuine leather. It does tend to deteriorate faster than the real thing, although this is an advantage to those with environmental concerns. Rest assured, its reliability will be more than sufficient for the years you use your new bed. Leather beds are often designed with streamlined a low frame, which makes them an ideal centrepiece in a trophy bedroom. Lastly we have metal beds. Metal beds are often more associated with traditional bedsteads and old fashioned designs, but this is not always the case. We sell a whole variety of metal bed frames which span the traditional frames, right up to the sleek and streamlined frames of today. Mixing the materials creates a fresh look, too, and metal frames with wooden legs or leather headboards add a whole new angle to the common metal bed. Whatever design or look you’re going for, there’s a massive choice here at Bedman.
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